SweetsMagic Japanese


Shop Concept

"Sweets are like jewerly"
What will make any woman smile when shown in front of her eyes?
Isn's that Jewerly and Sweets.
We wish you to be happy, that's why we provide Sweets Pudding that has the same feeling like jewerly.
We don't make another pudding than pudding that meets both these requirements.
That's our mission to deliver this ultimate pudding to you.

Philosophy to manufacturing

"Absolutely Uncompromising"
At SweetsMagic, cost calculation is not the first thing we do when starting to develop a product.
Because making a bad product just to reach an easily soldable cheap price is not our aim.
"Sweets are like Jewelry".
To realize this concept, what material should be used, and how to form this image?
That's our point of view when making our pudding. Contents, Container, Everything.
Not a product that is bought again by customer because it's cheap,
but because it's an Unforgettable Product. That's our aim, that's why absolutely uncompromising.
This is SweetsMagic's definite commitment of manufacturing.

Corporate Profile

Company name SWEETS MAGIC Ltd.
Atelier (studio) Address 453-0044 JAPAN. 5-3, Toriidori 5, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
TEL +081(52)486-7707
FAX +081(52)486-7708
MAIL info@sweetsmagic-intl.com (English)
info@sweetsmagic.com (Japanese)
President & CEO Yoshiyuki Mizutani
Sweets Producer Daisuke Kawai

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